• Celebrating every little thing

    We love to make each and every gift super duper special

  • Meals

    We love to make each and every bites just for you!

  • Tailored Wedding Cake Design

    Let us turn your dream cake into reality with our bespoke customization service

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  • Custom Cake with us

    We Black & White Kitchen specializes in creating bespoke cakes tailored to your every celebration and events. Our artisans will turn your vision into an exquisite reality. Indulge in the artistry and flavor that only in Black & White Kitchen can deliver.
  • Door gifts

    Discover all kinds off door gifts at Black & White Kitchen, adding a touch of elegant and premium to your events. Thoughtfully curated to leave a strong impression on your guests.
  • Dine In

    Join us at Black & White Kitchen, for a memorable dining experience. Enjoy our delectable menu in a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any occasion. Our food is suitable for all kind age.
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Turn your dream cake into reality