Bespoke Custom Service at Black & White kitchen

At Black and White Kitchen, we specialize in crafting bespoke cakes tailored to meet our customers' unique preferences and occasions.

Birthday Cake Customization

For birthdays, we offer the flexibility for customers to request cakes for any specific date. They can either bring their own design ideas or choose from a selection we provide. Whether it's a buttercream delight or an intricate fondant masterpiece, we make dreams edible.

Wedding Cake Creations

Our wedding cake service ensures that couples receive their dream cake on their special day. Orders can be placed with as little as one day's notice, and we accommodate various sizes and styles—from single-tier to multi-tier extravaganzas. Whether opting for buttercream elegance or fondant finesse, clients can also choose between real cake, dummy tiers, or a combination, all custom-designed to perfection.

Cakes for Formal and Informal Events

We cater to all events with our large-sized cakes, available in both buttercream and fondant finishes. Our team assists in conceptualizing designs to match the event theme, ensuring every celebration is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Doorgifts with a Personal Touch

Our doorgift service features popular items like brownies and cookies, customized to fit any event theme. We offer flexible booking quantities and budget-friendly options, complete with themed packaging to add an extra touch of elegance.

Ready Stock Delights  

Daily, our store stocks a variety of ready-to-purchase items such as whole cakes, cake slices, meals, beverages, cookies, and desserts. Customers can simply walk in and pick their favorites, ensuring a treat is always close at hand.

At Black and White Kitchen, our commitment to personalized service ensures that every occasion is met with culinary excellence and creative flair.